Ember™ scales as O(N^1.24)  for large nets

  • Ember™ is as fast as dc circuit analysis: the same nodes are used for electric and thermal calculations
  • Ember™ analysis of a design can be distributed over many cpus because it is net-based
  • Ember™ run-time can further benefit from processor-specific tuning of BLAS libraries

Details: ibmpg5 (interconnect topology shown below)

  • Complete information and the example itself are available here.
  • 1 VSS net
  • 4 VDD nets (1 per quadrant)
  • 3 Metal layers:
    • M4 (red),
    • M5 (yellow),
    • M6 (blue)
  • VDD, VSS voltage sources contact M6
  • 540,800 current sources (@substrate)
  • 1,079,310 nodes
  • Ember™'s current analysis voltage solution agrees with IBM's published solution on each node
  • Electrothermal simulation times assume uniform substrate temperature and that point-cloud generation is disabled